Music Voyager - The Bahamas
  -  From the Islands to the World

From the Islands to the World

In this episode of Music Voyager, we explore the impact of music from The Bahamas on popular music around the world. Musician Fred Ferguson gives us a tour of downtown Nassau while describing the enduring impact of Bahamian folk music and icons such as Joseph Spence on the world’s sound (Did you know, for example, that The Beach Boy’s “Sloop John B” is a Bahamian folk song and that The Grateful Dead always ended their set with a song from The Bahamas?). We discover the important role The Bahamas played during the Calypso era from the 1940s to the 1960s, as well as its essential role in the history of funk, soul and disco. We then meet up with The Baha Men, whose song “Who Let The Dogs Out” was a worldwide smash. Finally, we meet up for an impromptu dance party in front of a conch stand with D-Mac, our pick for the next big international star to come out of The Bahamas.