Music Voyager - The Bahamas
 - Raking and Scraping Across the Islands

Raking and Scraping Across the Islands

This archipelago of beautiful tropical islands has long appealed to musical explorers in search of sonic treasures. In this episode, we travel to Cat Island in search of the roots of rake and scrape, the local music style Bahamians call their own. After a beach-side performance by traditionalists Bo Hog and the Rooters we head to Grand Bahama in search of Stileet, a new generation rake and scrape singer who is bringing urban attitude to the style. Then we explore the roots of spiritual music in The Bahamas with a fireside performance by multigenerational acapella group The Region Bells. From there, Shabak, the most popular contemporary gospel group in The Bahamas, gives us an uplifting performance in a beautiful 17th-Century cathedral. Along the way we learn how to carve up a conch, attempt to fish for our supper, and sample the intoxicating drink known as The Gully Wash.