Music Voyager - The Bahamas
 - Junkanoo Celebration

The Bahamas:   Junkanoo Celebration

Our journey to the The Bahamas begins in Nassau, the capital city, during the annual Junkanoo celebrations that take place between Boxing Day (December 26th) and New Year's Day. During this period the city explodes with vibrant color and celebratory music, as revelers dressed in elaborate costumes parade down the streets dancing to the African-rooted rhythms of Bahamian music. The energy is infectious and we find ourselves wanting to learn more about the roots of Junkanoo and what it tells us about the history and people of the Bahamas. We visit the Junkanoo Museum, try on a traditional costume, and even join in a rehearsal, trading licks with the Colours marching band. Our exploration of Junkanoo takes us into the mysteries of the past, yet also demonstrates how the people of today's Bahamas are working to keep their own unique traditions going strong far into the future.