Music Voyager - Georgia
  -  Atlanta


Music Voyager is invited to Atlanta, Georgia to experience the heartbeat of the city from the inside out. Our host is musician Tacuma Bradley who explores the Atlanta landscape while following the six degrees of separation between the people he meets. These include musicians Christian and Brand Bush, who take us to the neighborhood of Buckhead for an unplugged performance at a local cemetery. We are introduced to their friends Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics. Ruby’s music sets the tone for us to explore the funky and artistic Five Points neighborhood. Ruby introduces us to the feisty Myra, who owns a boutique cuisine shop called La Fruta. Myra then takes us to the Elevate Festival in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Finally we are introduced to Killer Mike, a local hip-hop legend and activist who takes us to his barbershop/community center and we experience a concert with Killer Mike and special guest Big Boi from OutKast.