Music Voyager - Tokyo

Tokyo: Electric City

When visiting Tokyo, it does not take long to realize “you're not in Kansas anymore”. The massive metropolis offer a feast for the senses: blinding neon, the bleeps and blips of Pachinko parlors, adventurous cuisine and music that is experimental, animated, and sometimes, just plain unusual. On this episode of Music Voyager we get a taste of the cultural umami that is Tokyo, and it is voyage of discovery filled with surprises you will never forget. From the outlandish fashion of J-Pop, the surprising pastime of a Japanese jazz giant, Tokyo’s rock guitar superstar and a humorous hip-hop freestyler, we meet the colorful characters that make Tokyo one of the world’s greatest cities. Our journey is powered by ample bowls of delicious ramen noodles, first-class shots of sake and the occasional octopus ball.