Music Voyager - Turkey

Aegean Beats of Turkey

There are lots of places in the world to spend some quality time at the beach.  But there are few that combine natural beauty, local cuisine, dynamic culture and nightlife with a history that goes back thousands of years.  We’re not in the Caribbean, the south of France, Rio or even the Greek Isles - we’re in Izmir, Turkey - a beach resort region on the eastern end of the Aegean Sea that is a popular summer hotspot. And with major music venues in Istanbul setting up summer stages here, this is where you need to come in the summer to hear live Turkish music and dance to top DJs. We meet Can Bonomo, Turkey’s recent entry to the Eurovision Song Contest and a teen heartthrob, who takes us to his favorite street food and pickle juice stand. After giving windsurfing a try and exploring the ancient ruins of Ephesus, we connect with Huseyin Karadayi, one of Turkey’s most popular DJs. Karadayi reveals the secrets of Turkish techno and shows us his favorite Istanbul restaurant and music store.