Music Voyager - Israel

Tel Aviv - Rocking Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel’s biggest city, is a vibrant and striking blend of old and new. From the ancient port of Jaffa to modern skyscrapers and trendy nightclubs, Tel Aviv is the epicenter of Israel’s arts scene and most of the country’s top musicians live in and around the city. Music Voyager meets Ehud Banai, the revered singer-songwriter who comes from one of Israel’s most important musical families. Ehud invites us to a mountaintop park overlooking the Tel Aviv skyline where he performs his song “Caananite Blues”. We then meet Karolina, a hip and popular singer with an outstanding head of hair and a voice to match. Karolina takes us around the artistic and picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood ending up with an intimate performance in her living room. We visit musician, producer and remixer Kutiman, who reveals the secrets of his famous YouTube mashups. Music Voyager host Jacob Edgar’s quest for the best hummus in Israel is finally rewarded at Tel Aviv’s legendary Abu Hassan restaurant, where hungry throngs assemble for a taste of their beguiling garbanzos. Finally, we join quirky Balkan surf-rock band Boom Pam in the recording studio before hitting the clubs of Tel Aviv as they take us to some of their favorite nightlife spots.