Colombia - 4

Colombia’s Electro Tropical Beats

One of the latest and most exciting trends in Colombian music is the fusion of traditional rhythms and melodies  with electronic beats and modern influences. The Music Voyager team explores this cutting-edge Bogotá scene starting with an electrifying live performance in the streets with La Mojarra Eléctrica. Then we meet British DJ and producer Richard Blaire, whose Sidestepper project pioneered the electrotropical trend. Systema Solar gives us a taste of their funky and eclectic sound at the equally colorful restaurant and nightclub Andrés Carne de Res. Finally, Music Voyager learns about one of the most popular electrotropical bands Bomba Estéreo from founder Simon Mejia, and are treated to a stripped down performance of one of the group’s new songs at Gaira, a popular Bogotá restaurant that also serves as a Colombian music museum.