Colombia - 2

The Capital of Salsa

The Colombian city of Cali is known as the world capital of salsa, and its also the urban center of the country’s Afro-Pacific culture. The Music Voyager team discovers how salsa, an upbeat tropical dance music that isn’t even originally from Colombia, has been adopted as a native style. We meet up with Grupo Niche, one of the world’s most famous salsa bands, for a performance at their private club Dulce con Dulce, and explore the famous Juanchito neighborhood where salsa clubs line the streets. A four time world champion salsa dance team shows us the latest and greatest moves in a square in downtown Cali (Plaza Caicedo), while the electronic duet No DJs gives us a taste of the city’s Latin music cutting edge. Music Voyager also explores the local Afro-Pacific music with an intimate performance by Grupo Bahia on the banks of the Rio Melendez, and young bloods Herencia de Timbiquí demonstrate their funky grooves in the streets of the old city. Finally, we jam in Matildelina with the hippest salsa band in Colombia, La-33, who are bringing a modern attitude to this classic style.