Colombia - 1

Colombia Rocks!

The Music Voyager teams heads to Bogota, Colombia´s capital and biggest metropolis, to explore the city’s thriving rock and pop music scene. We are treated to an unplugged performance in the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria by world famous rockers Aterciopelados, who also bring us to a nearby indigenous peoples cultural center for a ceremony with Arhuaco shamans. The up and coming rock band, Superlitio takes us to their recording studio, Loop,  for a private jam, and Jacob, our host, digs through the crates at a funky shoe store/vinyl record store in downtown Bogotá. Finally, we meet up with Fonseca, one of Colombia’s biggest pop stars, who brings us to Monserrate, a cathedral high in the mountains overlooking Bogotá, for an unplugged performance of his hit song, “Paraíso.”